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Meet the Board of Trustees

CICRCL is governed, as a 501c 3, non-profit organization, through its Director and a Board of Trustees consisting of 7 members. These members are either elected or appointed by the Director. They bring oversight to the operations of CICRCL. According to its Charter, the Board of Trustees must assemble for a meeting at least once a year. The Board met on March 17 2022 for its annual meeting, where they were given a report of CICRCL’s past and future activities by its Director and approved the appointment of Barry Weinhold as its President and Marjorie Anne Billau as its new Secretary. The Board also received a financial report of the income and expenses for CICRCL in the past year.

Members of the Board of Trustees

Marjorie Anne Billau, the Secretary for CICRCL, lives in Las Lunas, New Mexico with her husband Alan, her horses, and her dogs. She has a Vet Tech degree and is a certified Vet Tech, who worked for 20 years doing animal research. Margie is a devoted animal rights person. She has bred, raised, trained, and shown National Champion and World Champion Appaloosas. No longer an active rider, Margie now organizes and manages horse shows and house sits for animal owners who need her experience in caring for animals.

Paul Burke, who is returning to the Board, after some years of absence, is retired and lives in Nathrop, Colorado/ Paul is a graduate of WestPoint and he served in Vietnam. After returning from Vietnam he resigned from his commission and devoted his life to finding peaceful methods of resolving conflicts. Paul is currently finishing his Memoir that traces his life and spiritual journey from West Point to the present. Paul served as a volunteer at the very beginning of CICRCL, helping us to organize two international conferences on conflict resolution.

Bill Hornbostel, was also one of the original board members and supporters of CICRCL. Bill is a retired attorney, who also has an M. A. in Counseling from UCCS. In his practice as an attorney, Bill handled only mediation cases. Bill still lives in Colorado Springs part-time and the rest of the time he can be found in Breckinridge, Colorado, either skiing or fly fishing, his two favorite hobbies. Bill will be leaving the Board at the end of this year.

Molly Lord has been involved in various CICRCL projects over the years. Most notably, Mooly served as the School Coordinator for the Kind and Safe Schools Initiative, a CICRCL project in the late 1990s. Previously, Molly was a Special Education teacher, the administrator of several non-profits, and a mediator. Currently, Molly does workshops for educators and the general public titled, Tuned-In: Finding The Soundtrack of Your Life. She is also very busy finishing a new project titled, Mindful Music, where she does in-depth interviews with notable musicians. Here is a link to the promo about this project:  Mindful Music General promo 1.6.mp4 Molly lives in Colorado Springs. Arnold Nerenberg, is a practicing psychologist, living in Whittier, California.

Arnold was named the Strongest Man In The World in his age group when he was 65 years old. Currently, Arnold, he spearheaded a national movement to help people live more honorable lives. He does what he calls “Honor Therapy” with his patients to help them live more honorable lives. He has written over 85 books on this and other topics in psychology. The national movement is called “The Way of Honor.” Here is a link to his website on this topic:

Barry Weinhold, as Director, Barry also serves as a member and President of the Board of Trustees. He is one of the founders of CICRCL and has served as its Director since its inception. He also serves as the Clinical Director of CICRCL. Barry is licensed as a psychologist from the state of Colorado. He currently is employed by Betterhelp, an online counseling referral service, where he meets with 15-20 online clients each week, from all over the world. Barry also has a podcast titled, “GET REAL with Dr. Barry Weinhold.” Listen on YouTube or Listen on Spotify

Sophia Wilson is a recent graduate from the Univ. Of British Colombia in Environmental Science. She is a strong environmental activist and steward of the planet. She still lives in Vancouver, BC. Sophia has worked for a variety of non-profits that are doing land-mark environmental protection work. Sophia brings a unique perspective to the Board of Trustees of CICRCL as a young woman who is very interested in environmental justice.

Robert Shideler works part time for his son Seven managing inventory for an online sports paraphernalia store. Robert has owned a drapery installation and house inspection business. He has also owned, managed and rehabilitated residential real estate. Currently, Robert is on the Steering Committee of the Southern Colorado Front Range Alliance of Braver Angels. He is a member of the Currently Speaking Club of Toastmasters and a small group facilitator for Food For Thought in Colorado Springs. More important, I was attracted to Barry because much of my experience in forgiveness matches very closely to much of the wisdom in various books authored by him.

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